The Rise Of The Messenger Bag

The Rise Of The Messenger Bag

The Messenger Bag first emerged during the 1860's as a small carrying case that was used just for delivery. It has slowly evolved into a fashionable, stylish bag that is used all around the world to carry our books, clothes and personal belongings.

Messenger bags have really become more and more popular during the mid 2000’s. Many people prefer to use a messenger bag as opposed to a backpack because of it's small size. Smaller sized bags in general have become more fashionable and is the current trend. In the world of fashion sometime's less is better, the less you are carrying the more stylish you look.

Messenger bags are great for different occasions, you can bring a messenger bag almost anywhere and it would look normal. Because of technology most people  carry around less because almost everything they need is on their phone, tablet or laptop.

Messenger bags are also more favorable to carry because of their size, they are smaller and lighter. Messenger bags have definitely become more popular over the past decade it'll be interesting to see if people continue to use them or switch back to the traditional backpack. 

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