What Makes The Perfect Backpack

What Makes The Perfect Backpack

What makes the perfect backpack? ... Does it have to have multiple compartments? Or maybe it just has to be super technical? Should it be water-resistant? Can it be cheap and flimsy? Does it have to have to be small? Or perhaps it just has to look good on you. But really what makes the perfect backpack?

Here are Some Features To Look For When Looking For The Perfect Backpack 

Comfort - Is it comfortable?


The last thing you want to do when purchasing a backpack is to buy a backpack that isn't comfortable. To be honest, nobody wants to carry along a heavy backpack that doesn't feel right, like who enjoys that? On your daily commute you'd prefer comfortable, cozy, soft straps on your shoulders. Consistently wearing an uncomfortable backpack can cause back or even shoulder pain which can turn into serious medical problems. Always make sure the backpack that you purchase is comfortable.

To go even further if you really want a backpack that's comfortable to wear, try to find fully padded shoulder straps or contoured shoulder straps. Fully padded shoulder straps are filled with foam which give a soft, cozy feel on your shoulders when you carry it and contoured shoulder straps are technically designed in a way that they evenly distribute the weight of your backpacks onto the straps. Additionally, try to get a backpack with a fully padded back panel. This will put a soft, comfortable feel on your back as you travel with it.

Storage - Is There Enough Space?


You always want to make sure that you have enough space in your backpack to carry all of your belongings. A smaller backpack might be enough space for me but for you it might be a large, multi-compartment backpack. When picking a backpack try to pick out a bag that has more than enough space for what you normally carry. If you do this, you will always have space in your backpack on those days that you end up carrying extra books, clothes or other items. I'd rather have more space for those days that I need to carry more than less..

Style - How Does It Look?

The Style of a backpack you pick out all depends on what you want. Some people may want a bag that stands out and draws a lot of attention and others may want  a simple, plain backpack. Ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer. With that being said you should also make sure that your bag goes with your style and is appropriate for the occasion. I know that might sound weird... haha, the idea that you have to wear the right backpack for different "occasions" but let me give you an example. If i'm a 25 year old male that works on Wall Street I may not want to wear an orange worn out JanSport.

Instead it might be more appropriate to go with a simple cotton-twill backpack or a leather backpack. This type of backpack would probably match your style and the bag would look more professional and natural in that work environment. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a stylish person in most cases the style of the bag does matter. 

Price - Am I spending too much or too little?


The Price of a backpack is one of THE most important factors when picking out a backpack. If a backpack is too expensive you may think that its a waste of money when it really could serve you well in the long run. And if a backpack is cheaper you might buy it without hesitation thinking that your saving money when really not. When picking out a backpack its best to find a balance between too cheap, too much and the quality and how you plan on using it. 

Here's Something to ask yourself when looking at the price of a backpack. How long are you planning to use the backpack? Will it be for years? Will it be for one year? Or will it be for a few months?

This is super important because many people don't realize that if you use your money wisely your backpack can be an investment. If you are planning to use a backpack for a longer period of time, lets say 3 years day in day out. It's smarter to spend $160 on a higher quality backpack that's durable, strong and won't collapse on you after 3 months.

You should see that $160 as an investment on a quality backpack that you will use to carry your belongings safely and securely for the next 3 years. Instead of buying a $60 backpack that has straps that fall apart every six months you can spend more and pay for a better quality backpack that will serve you better in the long run.

BUT.. if you are planning to use the backpack very lightly for a short period of time than in this case you're better of spending less on a backpack and saving your money.



The Quality of a backpack is very important. If you are planning to use your backpack to carry a ton of items on a daily basis for the next 2 years, you're better of getting a high quality backpack that is durable and strong. But if you really don't use your bag too much and you just need a backpack to use once in a while and you even plan on getting a new one then the quality of the bag shouldn't matter too much at all.  

Picking out a backpack may be one of the most important decisions that you will face in life...just kidding haha. But those are some key factors that you should consider when purchasing a backpack. I hope that this checklist was or will be helpful to you when looking for the right backpack for you.

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